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Dec 17th prompt

Title: Frozen in time
Characters: Peter and Claire
Word Count: 358 words
Rating: PG
A/N: Without a beta and written in 20 minutes for the Snowfall prompt at 12daysofpaire, you'll have to excuse all my errors!
Thanks for all the great entries so far!

Today's prompt will be: Snowfall

Have fun!

The prompt will close December 18th at 6:00 p.m EST.
Title: Home
Pairing: Peter/Claire
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, Incest
Author's Note: Written for the 12daysofpaire holiday challenge, the prompt was I'll be home for Christmas and I hope that this loose interpretation of that is acceptable. Unbetaed, because I think I missed the deadline for this now as it is and I'm sorry in advance for all the crazy cross posting.
Spoilers: None really, if you know who Claire's bio fam is. I think it's safe to say this is sort of in an AU made up universe.

They may not have a large tree or shiny presents to commemorate the occasion but Peter’s arm wrapped around her waist feels like a gift in and of itself.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Title: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Author: Jane S./phoenix39
Rating: PG.
Summary: What does Superman do when the roads are closed?
Word Count: 251
Warnings: I was watching Lord of the Rings when I came up the names of their kids.
Pairing: Peter/Claire
Disclaimer: Believe me, I don’t own Heroes. Peter and Claire would have hooked up by now if I did.
Author’s Note: Written for the 12daysofpaire challenge.
Crossposted: phoenix39, esse_an_mente, heroes_fic, paire_love, heroes_peter, heroes_claire, 12daysofpaire.

Will Peter make it home in time?

Dec 14th prompt

Title: As you wish
Characters: Claire and Peter, mostly.
Word Count:  500 words
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the song: I'll be home for Christmas, of course. And I asked Santa for Peter and Claire, but I don't think they will fit on my stocking ;)
Summary: Peter and Claire are separated by an ocean.
A/ N: Un betaed! Written for the I'll be home for Xmas prompt at 12daysofpaire
Spoilers: S2, well my own version of S2, Peter was in Ireland at the beginning of December.  

what you buy heroes for christmas.

title: what you buy heroes for christmas
author: shampoo
rating: pg for language
word count: 609, oneshot
summary: peter and claire wrap presents for christmas.
notes: a short piece written in a half an hour for the prompt 'by the fireside' from 12daysofpaire. *dies* i had barely any time after finishing all my statistics homework, so it's short and sweet and not at all meant to have a real point other than entertaining you.

"you can use telekinesis to make them your reindeer."

Dec 15th prompt

Title: Inside These Walls
Pairing: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 160 words
Rating: PG-13
A/N: As always without a beta, written for the By the fireside prompt at 12daysofpaire

Fic: Home

Title: Home
Characters: Claire and Peter
Word Count: 383 words
Rating: PG
Summary:  Christmas was suppose to be spent at home.
A/N:  This was written for the  12daysofpaire home for Christmas challenge. Not beta-ed, sorry.

12/14 prompt. <3

title: promissum
author: shampoo
rating: pg13 for vague adult themes.
word count: 959; one-shot.
summary: between open-mouthed kisses, he swears to her just one thing; he'll be home in time for christmas.
notes: written for the 12daysofpaire prompt 'i'll be home for christmas'. un-betaed and surprisingly longer than it was supposed to be.

between the cracks of the ceiling, claire thinks she can see eternity.

cross-posted like a mother. sorry, f-list. xD
title: all is perfect

rating: pg-13

pairing: paire

spoilers: none

summary: claire and peter discuss christmas presents ;)

notes: FLUFF!! ♥ written for the 'by the fireside' prompt at 12daysofpaire

word count: 270

disclaimer: srsly? tim kring and nbc.